Middelburg | 22 november t/m t/m 28 december

Opening zaterdag /Saturday 22 november – 16:00 uur
Adres: Lange Noordstraat 67
Open: open vrijdag- en zaterdagmiddag 14:00 – 17:00

opening of ‘Close your eyes’ by HARD-CORE, Saturday November 22, 16 u.00.
Close your eyes is HARD-CORE’s latest work. An imaginative exhibition constructed out of hypothetical scenarios.
A transcendental pathway is being marked out to guide you on a journey through your own, and external, imaginary restrains.Close your eyes is enriched through the royalty free music of Kevin MacLeod: www.incompetech.com
Check also the website of HARD-CORE: http://www.the-hard-core.eu/.